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23-year-old schoolteacher
Living with Gaucher
Mastered a tough course load at university
Maintained full control of her treatment success
Maintaining Open Communication
Elizabeth is a 23 year old schoolteacher living with Gaucher. She feels that its important to stay on top of her Gaucher, and helpful to inform friends, family or even colleagues about the condition in case scheduling conflicts come up. Let them know that as long as you maintain regular treatment, you can stay in control!
"My Gaucher is nothing to hide, but it doesn’t define me. It’s just a small detail people sometimes need to know about like wearing contacts or having an allergy."
Regained confidence since starting treatment
I’d felt so powerless and overwhelmed before I finally got my diagnosis. Read story>>
Staying Supportive
Elizabeth is a 23 year old school teacher living with Gaucher. Read story>>
Staying committed to therapy for life
I committed to two things when I was first Read story>>
Changes and Challenges
I was so excited to start my first year at university Read story>>
Staying connected and informed
When I heard about the PrCerezyme supply problem and that for a period of time Read story>>
Believing that treatment can help

I felt so powerless and overwhelmed before I finally got my diagnosis.Read story>>
Helping friends understand
My best friend was the first person I told about my diagnosis. I remember back in high school, sitting on the bleachers watching a football game. Read story>>

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Patient Stories are examples based on aggregate medical data. The characters represented are not actual Gaucher patients. Their stories are inspired by those of real Gaucher patients.