Gaucher Link

What is Gaucher Link?

Navigating the healthcare system is not always easy, especially when you’re dealing with a rare disease. The National Gaucher Foundation of Canada (NGF) works on your behalf to raise awareness among healthcare practitioners about Gaucher disease and to provide appropriate information on Gaucher disease management and services.

As part of its ongoing support for the Gaucher community, the NGF, together with Sanofi Genzyme Canada Inc., have created Gaucher Link to increase your access to the NGF, its support and community programs.

How does it work?

Board members from the NGF are here for you. They’re available to share their experiences and stories, answer questions and lend their support, whether you’re new to the Gaucher community or simply want to learn more.

How will I benefit?

Sharing experiences can be an important part of the disease management process. You’ll have the opportunity to attend face-to-face educational meetings and learn from other members of the Gaucher community. You’ll be linked with someone you can talk to who really does understand what you’re going through.

Who is involved?

The NGF board members involved in Gaucher Link are dedicated volunteers, some of whom are patients and family members just like you.

How do I link in?

To get started with Gaucher Link, simply head over to the National Gaucher Foundatin of Canada website. Link to NFG »