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Gaucher disease can affect many aspects of your life. Your healthcare team needs to know how the disease is affecting your wellbeing. My Health Diary will help you keep track of how you are feeling and any changes in the quality of your daily life.

Use My Health Diary to express how Gaucher disease is affecting you:
  • Start each new entry by filling in the date and your diary entry under "My Notes".
  • If you experience pain, record the details related to these episodes under "Pain".
  • Record further details that can be useful for physician visits under "Health History".
It’s important to use the diary regularly to help your physician better understand how you’re feeling. Remember to bring your diary to each appointment to help guide your discussion.
*Required information
My Notes
Type of pain (mild moderate or Severe) explains:
How long did it last?
Did you take medication?
Did it wake you up at night?
Did it affect your quality of life and daily activities?
Health History
How did Gaucher disease present itself, what were my symptoms?
Bone pain:
Bone crisis:
Enlarged liver/spleen:
Growth retardation, Shorter then Average:
Weak bones:
Broken bones:
How did it affect my life?
My Notes
Health History
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