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Mother & Grandmother
Diagnosed with Gaucher in 1979
Living with 2 Major Chronic Illnesses
Thankful for the Opportunity to Grow Old
Pushing Her Luck
Linda J. Biegler has a lot to be thankful for. You might not know it to read her medical history – in fact, to read her medical history you might say she has had some particularly bad luck – but she would tell you you’re wrong. “Here I have two major chronic diseases and I’m still here to tell the tale,” says Ms. Biegler, a Calgary resident with a daughter and two young grandchildren.
Making It Work
Ms. Biegler, you see, not only has Gaucher disease, but she also has rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune Read story>>
Grateful For a Correct Diagnosis
Ms. Biegler was first diagnosed with Gaucher disease as a young woman. Read story>>
Getting Treatment
As this was going on, a new enzyme replacement therapy was becoming Read story>>
Home Infusion Supports Her Active Lifestyle
Today, Ms. Biegler is an active mother, grandmother, dog owner and friend. Read story>>

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Patient Stories are examples based on aggregate medical data. The characters represented are not actual Gaucher patients. Their stories are inspired by those of real Gaucher patients.