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40-year-old Businessman
Living with Gaucher
Works hard running his own firm
Works with his doctor to manage his care
Maintaining Success
Mark is a 40 year old businessman living with Gaucher. A few years ago he was feeling really good and healthy – he knew his treatment was working. But then, newly married, with a busy practice and a dream home on the way, he stopped thinking so much about his Gaucher,

First I missed a couple monitoring tests. Then I skipped an MRI. But I figured that as long as I didn’t miss my infusions I’d be fine. The next year our son David was born, and I was busy managing our company’s biggest project yet. That same year I skipped my annual check-up. When I next saw my doctor she was concerned that I’d missed my exam—and even more concerned with my test results. I was shocked when she told me I was seriously anemic. I’d been feeling pretty tired, but what parent of a newborn doesn’t?”

Fortunately my doctor was paying attention—she increased my dosage, and I quickly regained my energy. And boy, do I need it! Our son is now three and is running me ragged, and our firm is busier and more successful than ever.

"Now, I remind myself that I don’t have time to slow down, and as long as I keep on top of my treatment, I don’t have to."
Communication is key
It’s hard to believe it’s been 17 years since I started my company, and almost that long since my diagnosis.Read story>>
Stay motivated and in control
I deal with my condition in the same way I approach a challenging project at work…I learn as much as I can, work closely with smart people who can help me, and always drive toward my goals.Read story>>

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Patient Stories are examples based on aggregate medical data. The characters represented are not actual Gaucher patients. Their stories are inspired by those of real Gaucher patients.