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40-year-old architect
Living with Gaucher
Used to worry treatment would get in his way
Now knows Cerezyme may help get him where
he wants to go
Planning Ahead
Michael is a 40 year old architect living with Gaucher. He often needs to take a lot of short business trips within a month, some on short notice, making it hard to stick to his regular infusion schedule. His health care providers have been instrumental in helping him arrange for his infusions at local centres whenever he travels.

"I enjoy travelling for both pleasure and for our growing business. I just plan ahead and schedule my infusions at a centre near my destination."
Documenting progress
Once I re-start my PrCerezyme infusions, I do expect to better manage some of my Gaucher symptoms.Read story>>
Resisting Change
As strange as it now seems, I was reluctant to start therapy when I was first diagnosed. I was happy to hear that Gaucher was treatable. . . but then, when it came down to actually committing to treatment, I resisted the idea. Read story>>

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Patient Stories are examples based on aggregate medical data. The characters represented are not actual Gaucher patients. Their stories are inspired by those of real Gaucher patients.