Managing Gaucher Disease

Staying Involved, Taking Control

Staying involved in your treatment and taking control of managing your disease can help you reach your goal of having better health. By keeping track of your medical visits, your test dates and results and your symptoms you are actively involved in your own care.

Each person with Gaucher disease has different symptoms. That is why you will need a treatment plan based on your unique, individual needs. It should be based on your response to your treatments and any health problems you may be experiencing. Having a personalized plan will help you and your medical team know how well your treatment is going.

In order for you and your doctor to create a personalized plan, it’s important for you to understand your feelings about Gaucher disease and learn how to effectively talk to your medical team about your symptoms and concerns.

Succeed in managing your disease by sharing with and learning from others. You should also monitor your disease and find out how well your treatment is meeting your goals by having comprehensive tests and examinations at least once a year.

To watch a detailed explanation of why it is important to have all monitoring tests done on an ongoing basis click here